Reflective supervision - clinical psychology

Clinical Supervision

I provide clinical supervision to a range of healthcare professionals, including trainee Clinical Psychologists, qualified Psychologists, counsellors, CBT therapists, mental health nurses, and social workers.

I offer a supportive and reflective space for therapists to practice individually, as well as a space for clinical reflection and personal and professional growth.

Clinical Supervision is a process that ensures that clients receive the best possible care from a mental health professional. It’s good and ethical practice to receive clinical Supervision.

In clinical psychology, this process includes sharing current psychological theory and its clinical applications. I support supervisees to apply this in their client work, and encouraging them to evaluate their outcomes through evaluation and self-reflection.

Clinical self-reflection and the development of professional curiosity plays a critical part in the evaluative process. A supervisee, for example, may share their thoughts on their progress and explore successes and challenges that might have impacted their clinical work.

Typically, in Clinical Supervision, the supervisee doesn’t share the full name of their clients, and a level of discretion is exercised so that the identity of the clients is protected. I am bound by the same confidentiality and code of conduct as the supervisee.

A supervision contract is an important part and I agree this collaboratively with the supervisee. It includes frequency of meeting, length of sessions, review dates and code of conduct.

Clinical supervision sessions usually last for an hour. I offer them in person in one of my clinic spaces or on zoom.


My Experience as a Clinical Supervisor

As well as my Doctoral training, I completed the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Training) supervision training. This ensures a professional and ethically appropriate approach to supervision. I have been supervising for over twenty years and enjoy the process of supervision and interpersonal relationship.

My experience includes supervising assistant psychologists, trainee psychologists and qualified psychologists. I then supervised allied healthcare professionals at Charing cross hospital whilst working in multidisciplinary teams. I was also supervising CBT therapists in my lead role in the NHS and then counsellors and psychologists as head of psychological services at AXAPPP Healthcare.

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