What to expect at your first psychology appointment


First Psychology Appointment

During the first psychology appointment, initially, I will conduct an initial assessment, this will include information about your current difficulties, personal and medical history.  Additionally, if I need more information, I may also ask you to complete questionnaires. Following this, I will provide feedback on your difficulties and together we will agree on goals. Depending on your issues, we may consider therapy, coaching, or I might refer you to a more suitable clinician. If necessary, I can also prepare a report for you.



I will establish the cornerstone of our therapeutic relationship by explaining the limits of confidentiality and determining when information may require disclosure, such as for risk reasons.


Active Participation

You and I will collaborate actively in therapy, with me assigning tasks for you to work on between sessions, facilitating your progress towards making changes and achieving your goals.


Monitoring Progress

I will assess your progress after 5 sessions, enabling us to decide on the next steps or whether you have achieved your goals. We will continuously review and evaluate your progress, potentially requiring additional sessions as needed.


Therapy or Coaching Appointments

If you choose to begin therapy or coaching sessions, initially, I usually recommend five sessions followed by a review. However, we can tailor the approach to what suits you best. Appointments are typically scheduled weekly or fortnightly, but I can be flexible to accommodate your needs. As a result, we will review the goals and appointment schedule as therapy progresses.


What Is My Therapeutic Approach?

I use an integrative approach, meaning that I draw on various therapeutic methods depending on what is best for you. I am trained in and use a wide range of evidence-based psychological interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness-Based Therapy, and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT).

With my friendly, empathic, and intuitive style, consequently, I provide individually tailored psychological interventions that deliver effective outcomes for you.


Ending Therapy

As you achieve your goals or make significant progress, we will mutually agree on a plan to conclude our sessions. We will continually review and evaluate your progress to ensure a smooth and effective conclusion to therapy.

Where I Work

The Consulting Rooms, City Centre

The Consulting Rooms - Room 4

The Loft
(Greenbank Rooms), Clarkston

The Loft Therapy Room

The Wellbeing Rooms, Bearsden